Plosia Cohen’s school law practice provides steadfast,

proactive and creative assistance to school districts and

expertise on a broad range of issues.


To best serve the needs and promote the success of its clients,

the firm's has expertise in, among other areas: teacher tenure;

purchasing, construction and contracts; free speech issues;

religion in school; search & seizure; student drug testing;

student records and the Open Public Records Act. 


Plosia Cohen LLC attorneys also represent school boards in collective negotiations, before the Public Employment Relations Commission and the New Jersey Department of Education.


Plosia Cohen LLC understands the hurdles and opportunities facing its clients, and has an unsurpassed level of experience and expertise to protect the interests and promote the success of school districts, their staff and students. Of particular significance is the firm's leadership in providing guidance with New Jersey’s evolving laws involving teacher tenure and the Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (“HIB”) Act.  Plosia Cohen’s attorneys regularly helps districts to develop comprehensive policies and regulations aimed at preventing student and staff discipline problems, as well as all other policy issues including student speech, student clubs, student transfers, and student fees, to name only a few. 

School Law

Plosia Cohen LLC - General Counsel for NJ Boards of Education